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Overview - Kiddos’ Clubhouse was founded in June 2005 by Brett Devore, an Occupational Therapist, who was frustrated with the level of clinical treatment available to children with special needs at the large outpatient facilities.  These clinical environments were impersonal with an enormous turnover in staff which resulted in children receiving substandard care. 

The Challenges - The focus of the brand was on the children and unlocking the potential of each child based on his or her own capabilities.  However, the decision makers were ultimately the parents or the pediatric practitioners that referred the children. Additionally, with 38 other facilities in the local market, the differences between Kiddos’ Clubhouse and the others had to be obvious and provide a perception of exceptional benefit to the children.

The Strategy - EMG was the principle marketing engine and in April 2005, the Marketing Communications portion of the site was joined by iIgnite, LLC.

  1. Name – reflective of his vision and mission, this was not a place for therapy but a place kids would actually want to come – a clubhouse! Additionally, the practice belonged to the kiddos, hence the apostrophe after the name.
  2. Logo – the logo is the logical extension of the name. We used illustration to resonate with the children and to give us additional options in the practice area.
  3. The Kiddos - Gabriel, Spike and Joy – these illustrated characters bring the brand to life and represent what is possible for children with special needs.  Each character has a disorder they are overcoming and are used in the therapy program itself.
  4. The Dreams – Goals are attainable for these children as suggested by the stars that appear in the sky.  The hope of attainment of a goal is critical to the success of the therapy process.  The Kiddos’ are rarely seen without a star or within reach of one.  The “Reach for the Stars” campaign highlighted the individual and collective achievements of the patients.
  5. Photography – Kiddos needed photography that was highly professional, showed the interaction of the therapists and the children in a pleasant manner and showcased the environment in a non-clinical manner.
  6. Web Site – The web site presents similar to a children’s site but it is definitely geared for adults and pediatricians to demonstrate the command and experience Brett and his team have in pediatric therapy.  It is highly informative from a treatment and methodology perspective but does not appear clinical.  The site never strays from the goal of generating an atmosphere of fun while learning. The site is updated by Kiddos’ Clubhouse and features a “Star of the Month” showcasing a child that has performed especially well.
  7. The Animated Cartoon – With an obvious attempt to appeal to the children and create a feeling of fun, learning and rewards, as well as a pre-familiarity with the practice, the team developed the Clubhouse Tour, which is an online animated cartoon starring “Spike” that enables children to visit and experience a typical day at Kiddos’ Clubhouse.  It introduced all of The Kiddos’ and demonstrated how much fun it can be to learn.  It also showed that kids from all walks of life who have different abilities and goals often need some assistance to ensure that they can reach their dreams. This creates comfort in both the children and the parents.
  8. The Kiddos’ Booklet – The best brochure from other occupational therapists in the area was a simple trifold.  We needed to create a substantial and significant piece that could be used at speaking engagements, with pediatricians, other professionals and with parents as an introduction to the practice.  The double gate opens to the reveal the clubhouse and the kiddos. 

The Results - The presentation and appeal of the clubhouse cannot be overstated in terms of its effectiveness.  It has made an immediate and resonating impact with the parents and children alike.  According to Brett,

The addition of the “Clubhouse Tour” has been one of the most ingenious additions to the site.  With the goal of getting children comfortable with our facility, it has not only provided the comfort level, but an excitement in the children to be able to do what the characters of “Spike”, “Gabriel” and “Joy” do while at Kiddos’ Clubhouse.  We have had more comments about how that has really helped children get ready to come to the “Clubhouse” to work on their goals.

Parents have commented that their kids watch the cartoon repeatedly and that they want to do what Spike does.  This has generated comfort and even excitement about therapy!  Below are the results metrics.


June '05 - Dec '06

Patient Visits




Number of Therapists


The FutureKiddos’ Clubhouse has run out of space due to the overwhelming demand for services.  They will be looking for additional space immediately and are expecting to hire their 8th therapist at any time.  Additionally, there are more than 30 children waiting for space to open up.  Brett’s vision, powered by his team and the marketing, branding and communications strategies has created an enviable business case study.

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